ID: 47053
Level: 99
Horoscope: Owl Treant
sympathy Interest Level: 31 ~ 35
sympathy Favor: 32 ~ 33

Sophistication I (0/4)
O'dyllita Forest (0/4)
Node Manager (Epheria Sea) (0/4)
– Description:
Noslin, a slave of the Audra priest Lejenti, settled at the Dead Moon Post when Lejenti was sent to the post.

Every day, he tried his best to live up to the expectations of the Shadow Knights, the Ahib of Sephir, and the Ahib of Viorencia, never to fall in disfavor with them. His tongue moved incessantly to survive, as the Ahib often asked him about the stories of the outside world. He believes that White Frog hadn't lost his memories but rather lost them due to the Ahib. If Noslin too loses his memories, he will have to live as a slave here forever.

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