ID: 47037
Level: 99
<Stable Keeper>
Horoscope: Wagon
sympathy Interest Level: 20 ~ 25
sympathy Favor: 26 ~ 30

Sophistication I (0/5)
Beasts (O'dyllita) (0/5)
Theology I (0/5)
– Description:
Vigano, a Stable Keeper of Bahit Sanctum, was one of the first to openly seek to gain the wisdom of the Bahitram clan by assisting them.

From a young age, he would look up at the arid mountain, always wondering about the Bahitram's existence. After Jonanna opened up the minds of the Bahitram, he was finally able to come to this place. From dawn each day, Vigano prays with the Bahitram for the true light to be embraced by all.

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