ID: 47035
Level: 99
<General Goods Vendor>
Horoscope: Hammer
sympathy Interest Level: 35 ~ 55
sympathy Favor: 33 ~ 38

O'draxxia Adventure Journal (0/6)
Turasil's Legacy Adventure Journal I (0/6)
Old Moon Guild Member (Guild Stable Keeper) (0/6)
– Description:
Comella, who has settled in as general goods vendor of the Bahit Sanctum, is losing sleep after hearing from Jonanna about the birth of Ynix, the holy flame.

She initially chose to settle here mainly due to her interest in what she first regarded as a strange religious group, but then she realized the tale of Ynix is very similar to the stories her grandfather used to tell her regarding a certain nameless Sherekhan.

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