ID: 47027
Level: 99
<Verti Linguist>
Horoscope: Camel
sympathy Interest Level: 33 ~ 55
sympathy Favor: 32 ~ 36

Politics I (0/4)
Theology I (0/4)
O'dyllita Border (0/4)
– Description:
A Verti linguist of the Turasil Priest Council, a direct subordinate organization of Queen Viorencia Odore.

Arnelia has studied the language of the spirits with the Acher Saphia Doucet, Kamasylvia's linguist of the same field. Of all the Ganelle and the Vedir, the two displayed exceptional talent in the language of the spirits, and it was only natural for the two to grow competitive with each other. But from the moment the Vedir's Chief Josya Odore lit Kamasylve aflame, many spirits of Kamasylvia turned their backs to Arnelia, through whose veins the blood of the Burning Ones was flowing, a sight to which Saphia Doucet simply laughed. Having arrived first at the O'draxxian ruins, and while walking through the desolate garden, Arnelia suddenly turned her head. She spotted a purple Musical Spirit like the ones seen in the Arid Land singing merrily in the air. Arnelia reached out her hand to the Musical Spirit. By the spirit's song, many of O'draxxia's creatures crawled out from the grass and bushes.

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