ID: 47007
Nedel Oslia
Level: 99
<O'draxxia Estate Manager>
Horoscope: Black Dragon
sympathy Interest Level: 32 ~ 33
sympathy Favor: 25 ~ 28

Sophistication III (0/7)
Tunkuta (0/7)
Sophistication IV (0/7)
– Description:
Nedel Oslia, the estate manager in the capital of O'draxxia, recently fell in love with the book "In Search of a Thousand Years of Aridness," which she borrowed from the Orzeca Archives. She could relate to the book so easily as the story of the kingdom, which might have actually existed, felt similar to the Ahib's fate.

She became negligent in managing the estates as she spent more time reading books and even received a warning from the Verti, who are in charge of preserving the prestige of O'draxxia ruled by Viorencia Odore.

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