ID: 45551
Level: 99
<Trade Manager>
HP: 10,000
Defense (DP): 10
Evasion: 10
Horoscope: Goblin
sympathy Interest Level: 36 ~ 39
sympathy Favor: 27 ~ 29

Drifter in Search of Kamasylvia (0/0)
Drifter in Search of Kamasylvia (0/0)
Kamasylvia Entrance Adventure Journal I (0/6)
– Description:
While searching the world for a Dream Horse, she fell in love with the beautiful Lake Flondor and decided to stay there. She enjoys exchanging stories of horses with passing adventurers. She has managed to accumulate a good deal of money through trade and is planning on leaving any day now in to continue her search for the father of all Dream Horses, Krogdalo.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Maina

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