ID: 45547
Level: 99
<Guild Manager>
HP: 10,000
Defense (DP): 10
Evasion: 10
Horoscope: Shield
sympathy Interest Level: 20 ~ 24
sympathy Favor: 26 ~ 28

Upper Class of Calpheon (0/6)
Sophistication IV (0/6)
Residents of Kamasylvia (0/6)
– Description:
The Guild House Manager at Grána City .
She loves adventurers, and has always wanted to go on her own adventure. She doesn't have the usual personality of a Guild House Manager, but that doesn't mean she is neglectful of her duties. She is very gifted, and rose to Guild House Manager at a young age. She has a reputation of efficiently running the costly house. She is planning on one day handing over her job to a successor and going on a proper adventure of her own.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Daisy
Finished quest Token of Lemoria Guards
Finished quest Valentine's Reward

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