ID: 45540
Level: 99
<Mansion Manager>
HP: 10,000
Defense (DP): 10
Evasion: 10
Horoscope: Black Dragon
sympathy Interest Level: 32 ~ 34
sympathy Favor: 27 ~ 29

Upper Class of Calpheon (0/7)
Residents of Kamasylvia (0/7)
Citizens of Calpheon (0/7)
– Description:
Talishia is the Grána City Mansion Manager.
She is an architect as well as a Mansion Manager. The buildings in Grána City are very beautiful and intricate, and Talishia has worked on many of them. She is always designing new buildings, and when you try to talk to her she often seems to be lost in thought. She is always busy, but thanks to hiring some hardworking Papu, she has been taking it a bit easier. There is a rumor that she handles more money that even the Grána Central Market.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Talishia
Finished quest Token of Lemoria Guards
Finished quest Valentine's Reward

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