ID: 45222
Makhan Murad
Level: 99
<Central Market Director>
Horoscope: Hammer
sympathy Interest Level: 37 ~ 38
sympathy Favor: 25 ~ 29

Villains of Valencia (0/6)
Economy III (0/6)
Upper Class of Valencia Capital (0/6)
– Description:
Makhan Murad is the Central Market Director of Muiquun.

Makhan Murad's philosophy on amassing wealth regardless of
the consequences has made him a public enemy among the merchants.

Makhan Murad will use his silver to disrupt trading between merchant guilds. He also hoards
items or spread misinformation to later sell the item at a higher price. He seems to have no sense of common decency.

One concerning factor is that there are other merchants who see Makhan making a lot of money, and are trying to follow Makhan Murad's way of profiteering.

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