ID: 44017
Neruda Shen
Level: 99
<Mediah Merchants Union Chairman>
HP: 10,000
Defense (DP): 10
Evasion: 10
Horoscope: Shield
sympathy Interest Level: 37 ~ 52
sympathy Favor: 20 ~ 30

Politics II (0/6)
Foreigners of Altinova (0/6)
Ancient Ruins Guardians (0/6)
– Description:
His first career was as an alchemist, but his life changed greatly after he began running a merchant guild. He recruited skillful blacksmiths to the guild and eventually became the chief negotiator who won the rights for Mediah to supply both sides with weapons in the war between Calpheon and Valencia.

He was highly trusted by the Mediahn royal family before their downfall, and he played a huge role in the establishment of Altinova by attracting investment from abroad.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Neruda Shen
- Maudi Budar: Amity 1
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Anonymous 30-04-2016 22:35


You must speak to the person directly cross from her(The big dude) to speak to her.

Talking to these 2 people unlocks the ability to use the Work Supervisor named " Avet " Located next to the center's marketplace.

Anonymous 21-11-2016 06:21


Reroll if Interest > 50 (You can try with greater than 50 but you will more often fail than not)
Be wary of 'fail' requirements.

Anonymous 25-12-2016 00:40


Spielkind 26-12-2016 05:12

The order is complete irrelevant, its important to fill the requirements of the mini game.
If she want your interest, if she want a max value of favor or if she want that you do not get her interest.
So, the order have nothing to say. And the % can change.

Anonymous 22-09-2017 17:11

This works better than the proposed by Jenhi because the topic "Mediah Merchants Union" has an interest level of 100 which greatly raises the next topics success rate.

Anonymous 23-08-2017 12:11

He is inside the castle,and he is the lord


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