ID: 42110
Geoffrey Erne
Level: 99
<Workshop Manager>
HP: 10,000
Defense (DP): 2
Evasion: 1
Damage Reduction: 1
Horoscope: Boat
sympathy Interest Level: 13 ~ 62
sympathy Favor: 14 ~ 57

History I (0/4)
Foreigners of Serendia (0/4)
Citizens of Calpheon (0/4)
– Description:
The son of Dominic Erne. He was born with an ineffectual character, and has absolutely no ambition.

Dominic is fully aware his son will never meet his expectations. Geoffrey is engaged to Enrique Encarotia's daughter Isobelle, but Isobelle, too, doesn't seem satisfied. She recently left for Heidel on behalf of the Xian Merchant Guild. Meanwhile Geoffrey continues to follow his fathers orders in managing the Xian guild and the Workshop District, waiting for Isobelle to return.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Geoffrey Erne
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Anonymous 27-04-2016 23:10

1. Naga Home
2. Resistance or Revolution?
3. Fall of Cron Castle
4. Black Revolution
Anonymous 3-11-2017 21:14
Thanks a lot, worked very well for me (200+ amity)
Anonymous 29-04-2016 06:30
1. Resistance or Revolution? (100% intrest)
2. History of Vechiles (100% intrest)
3. Naga Home (100% intrest)
4. Orphans of War (75% intrest = 100)

If you get wrong intrest values on these topics like 0% abandon and restart conversation for better rng.

Anonymous 21-05-2017 06:10
Worked very well for me (with +15% Calpheon Dress). Thank you.
Anonymous 24-05-2017 02:38
Very nice, thx.
Marih 22-03-2020 09:01
Resistência ou Revolução?
História de veículos
O lar do Naga
Orfãos de guerra
cono 27-09-2020 06:13
Rebelión o Revolución
Evolución de los medios de transporte
Hogar de los nagas
Huerfanos de la guerra
Anonymous 23-05-2016 00:15
this two ways dont work by me
Anonymous 5-06-2016 20:42
Like Bloods said, RESTART THE CONVERSATION (hit Esc from the open Conversation window and hit Conversation again, this will re-roll Geoffrey's Interest/Favor) if the Favor level is above 20 or so. You will not gain much if any Accumulated Favor and you'll leave with very little Amity if Geoffrey's Favor is over 20 or so (I was getting 40-50 constantly). It's worth the Energy dump because this has been by far the hardest person I've had to gain Amity with (until I realized why I was getting so little Amity when I DID beat a requirement) especially since I have all of the his interests unlocked. Definitely not hard once you put the right amount of effort in to maximize your energy use.

TLDR: Restart Convo if Geoffrey's Favor rolls higher than 20-ish. Takes effort.

My personal favorite combo: (not best option for Sparking Interest 5 consecutive times)
Black Death > Naga Home > Orphans of War > Resistance or Revolution? (Or The Great Library of Calpheon if Geoffrey's Favor is low enough)
Marih 22-03-2020 08:56
Traduzindo para o português porque achei importante:
Como Bloods disse, RESETE A CONVERSA se o nível de interesse for 20 ou mais(clique esc quando estiver na janela de conversa e depois clique em conversa de novo, isso vai resetar o interesse do Geoffrey)
Você não vai ganhar acúmulo de favor e vai ganhar pouquíssima amizade se o nível de interesse do Geoffrey for 20 ou mais( eu estava ganhando 40-50 constantemente)
Vale a pena jogar a energia fora porque, de longe, é a pessoa mais difícil que tive que ganhar amizade (até que eu percebesse que eu estava ganhando pouca amizade mesmo que eu cumprisse o requisito da conversa), especialmente porque eu tinha todos os conhecimentos dele desbloqueados. Definitivamente não é tão difícil uma vez que você se esforçar em maximizar o uso da sua energia.

Resumindo: Reseta a conversa se o nível de interesse do Geoffrey for 20 ou mais. Vale a pena.

Meu combo pessoal favorito: (Não o melhor se quiser despertar o interesse 5 vezes seguidas)
Morte Negra>O lar do Naga>Orfãos de Guerra>Resistência ou Revolução?(ou A Grande Bilbioteca de Calpheon se o nível de interesse do Geoffrey é baixo o suficiente)
Marih 22-03-2020 09:00
OBS: Não sei quem é Bloods e quando fui fazer amizade com a Ahon Kirus de Tarif também foi bem difícil :'D
wslunxla 5-11-2018 11:53
for me
Resistance or Revolution? ก่อกบฏหรือปฏิวัติ?
HISTORY OF VEHICLES ประวัติศาสตร์ยานพาหนะ
The Doubtful Death of a Young King ราชาหนุ่ม, การตายปริศนา
NAGA HOME สถานที่ตั้งรกรากของชนเผ่านาคา
javageget 13-04-2021 12:53
Most of the time , this lad gives 0-0 favor on all knowledge.
Iak 19-04-2021 11:37
1.) Widerstand oder Revolution?
2.) Geschichte der Fortbewegungsmittel
3.) Heimat der Nagas
4.) Waisen des Krieges

90-95% save

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