ID: 41056
Level: 99
<Central Market Director>
HP: 10,000
Defense (DP): 2
Evasion: 1
Damage Reduction: 1
Horoscope: Elephant
sympathy Interest Level: 22 ~ 23
sympathy Favor: 26 ~ 29

Serendia Merchant (0/5)
Foreigners of Serendia (0/5)
Economy I (0/5)
– Description:
Cleia was personally selected by Sir Jordine to be Central Market Director at the Heidel Central Market. She manages all market transactions in Heidel.

When Bobby Lauren, Head of the League of Merchants, fell into a critical situation, Cleia took his place. Cleia has quite the background as well, one based in nobility. Her father was an important figure in Imperial Trade, and Cleia wants to carry on the family line and become the best Central Market Director Heidel has ever had.
Gives knowledge on discovery:
- Cleia

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