ID: 24248
Hand of Kzarka
Level: 50
HP: 3,630
Defense (DP): 459
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 148,547
Karma: 70
Knowledge drop chance: 50.00%

– Description:
Hand of Kzarka
– Description:
The Hand of Kzarka is proof of the extraordinary resilience of the Lord of Corruption. Although it is just a part of his body, his destructive instinct remains within and it will attack anything living.
- Hand of Kzarka
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Anonymous 14-05-2016 04:34

East from Trent Forset node in caves.

Anonymous 18-10-2016 23:53

North of trent there is a Treant node, walk straight up the mountain behind it. U should find a shrine halfway. Inside is the Hand of Kzarka.

Anonymous 24-12-2016 14:17

It is almost exactly WEST of the Treant Forest Node on the map. There's a small cave behind the castle walls with water in it, follow that cave and it'll lead you to the Hand.

Anonymous 20-02-2017 02:12

Спасибо игроку Paradox! Вот видео, как добыть это знание


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