ID: 24046
Bandit Large Watchtower
Level: 27
HP: 1,422
Defense (DP): 282
Evasion: 272
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 49,355
Karma: 55
Knowledge drop chance: 25.00%

– Description:
Bandit Large Watchtower
– Description:
A large watchtower that can be found in bandit-ridden areas.
Occupants can see far into the distance from up there. Anyone spotted will be pelted with arrows.
- Bandit Large Watchtower
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Anonymous 7-09-2016 22:04

I should of known that those towers are in the place where I was getting bandit's treasure knowledge. There is only two of them, so , it took a while till I've got the knowledge.

Anonymous 24-02-2017 22:46

took me ages to find it, it looks exactly like a tree and has a barbed fence going around the base, couldn't tell it apart %)

Rivac 1-07-2018 23:04

Same place as Bandit Treasure Chest and Bandit Treasure Wagon, you can get knowledge 3 of them same time. It takes 2:30 min to respawn all of them.


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