ID: 23828
Ahib Griffon
Level: 99
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Griffons feel easily threatened by other races. Thankfully they dislike leaving their territory so the races outside the Navarn Steppe can live in peace.

The Ahib Griffon appeared suddenly to break that peace.

An Ahib Griffon has an ominous appearance compared to that of other Griffons. The Lemoria Guards have protected the Navarn Steppe for a long time, but even they had not seen a catastrophe like this.

Ahib Griffons attacked Ganelle villages, killed innumerable lives, and pillaged expensive ornaments. The Lemoria Guards mobilized their forces to kill the Ahib Griffons but the Griffons leisurely finished their pillaging before vanishing.

The Ganelle whom first witnessed the Ahib Griffons coming claimed they say saw them flying from the Arid Land.

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