ID: 23781
Mirumok Watcher Offin
Level: 62
HP: 1,000
Defense (DP): 999
Damage Reduction: 999
XP: 357,964
Knowledge drop chance: 15.00%

– Description:
The ancient weapon Offin is a testament of the great skills of the Ancients who also raised the Mirumok Temple. They are the biggest of the Weapons made from the Mirumok tree. It is controlled by another Ancient Weapon, the Mirumok Watcher Offin.

It is thought due to their protective nature that they were created to as a watchman for the Mirumok Temple. The ancients took such efforts to protect the Mirumok Temple and its treasures and purpose, even creating special weapons to defend them. Recently however, the Temple seemed to caught the public eye.

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