ID: 23144
Level: 55

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– Description:
The leader of Kvariaks, giant monsters that roam the Tshira Ruins.

Some records describe Kvariaks as humans with the tail of a snake. At times, the egg of a Kvariak is mistaken for a dragon egg due to their similar appearance. Kvariaks like humid places, and tend to lay their eggs deep in swamps. Because of this, the egg of a Kvariak is very hard to find.

The leader of the Kvariaks, Katzvariak, had not been seen since ancient times but appeared in Drieghan in recent times, coinciding with the appearance of Garmoth. Its colossal figure and powerful poison brings fear to many.

Many of Duvencrune's mercenaries headed to the Tshira Ruins to slay Katzvariak, but none has yet to return.
- Katzvariak

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