ID: 23099
Level: 5
HP: 180
Defense (DP): 1998
Evasion: 999
Damage Reduction: 999
Knowledge drop chance: 15.00%

– Description:
Quint is the first Ancient Troll that became known to people.
Its colossal size is unequaled compared to other Ancient Trolls and is likely to terrorize anyone who sees it.
The wooden club this gigantic monster wields is absolutely destructive. However, perhaps due to his low intelligence, it appears its attack is low in accuracy.

Calpheon had tried to defeat it by sending a number of armies to protect the locals and merchants around the area. But all the armies failed to do so and it was barely scathed thanks to its rock-hard skin.
Luckily, there hasn't been any considerable harm done to the locals yet because it always runs away once its face and legs are attacked which appear to be its crucial weaknesses.

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