ID: 23086
Narc Brishka
Level: 5
HP: 15,195
Defense (DP): 372
Evasion: 232
Damage Reduction: 140
XP: 43
Skill XP: 50
Karma: 5
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Narc Brishka
– Description:
There is a cave deep within the Manshaum Forest. Perhaps due to its damp and unpleasant odor, even the Manshaum who live around the cave tend to avoid it. The exception is one large Manshaum who comes to paint on the cave walls. This Manshaum is stronger and cleverer than his peers, so he does not get along with them. He prefers to go the wall and paint what to others look like meaningless drawings.

One day, the large Manshaum was at the cave, painting as usual, when he found a black stone unlike that he has seen before. Even in the dark, the stone glowed brilliantly, but despite its beautiful appearance it omitted a ominous aura. This made the large Manshaum curious. He did not leave the cave for a very long time. When he finally emerged, he came out holding the black stone in his left hand and a strange piece of wood that emitted an ominous aura on his right hand.

The large Manshaum called the pattern the ominous aura made "Narc" and created a religion around it to spread among the Manshaum. The Ganelle garrison scouting the area around the Manshaum Forest witnessed Manshaum shouting "Narc... Narc... Brishka!" and worshiping a large Manshaum and a pattern.
- Narc Brishka

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