ID: 23009
Giant Mudster
Level: 50
HP: 6,807,362
Defense (DP): 484
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 35
XP: 17,898,210
Skill XP: 8,084,448
Karma: 80
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Giant Mudster
– Description:
The mass of dead bodies and trash within its muddy frame reflects the magnitude of its greed.

The Giant Mudster was originally a human named Donatt from Glish. His insatiable greed brought disaster and ultimately he offered his soul to be consumed by the Black Crystal. This was the result.
- Giant Mudster
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Anonymous 22-04-2017 23:21

Loot I got from Mudster field boss (killed it twice)
With a level 55 wizard character :)

Anonymous 14-09-2017 02:58

Dropea Liverto


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Added by Prowly (14-09-2017)

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