ID: 23006
Dim Tree Spirit
Level: 50
HP: 6,807,362
Defense (DP): 484
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 35
XP: 17,898,210
Skill XP: 8,084,448
Karma: 80
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Dim Tree Spirit
– Description:
A magical creature created to purify Black Crystal. Nobody knows its origin.

It is hostile toward unnatural beings (including Humans) and doesn't allow their entry to the forest.

Afraid of fire, when there is flame around, it quietly waits until it dies.
- Dim Tree Spirit
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Spielkind 20-12-2016 06:41

Added a screenshot of the Worldboss Location. (German Name)

Spielkind 30-01-2017 17:14

This is not the World boss.


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Added by Didinodhe (20-12-2016)
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