ID: 22089
Belladonna Elephant
Level: 60
HP: 12,667
Defense (DP): 1009
Evasion: 999
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 16
Skill XP: 50
Karma: 5
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Belladonna Elephants used to be part of the herd of mammoths that lived in the snowy regions of Drieghan.

Food shortages forced Belladonna Elephants to travel along the river in search of a new habitat. When they settled in the vast grassland of Kamasylvia, evolution saw their fur, covering their entire bodies, become shorter in acclimation to the warmer climate of Kamasylvia.

Belladonna is a poisonous plant of the Navarn Steppe. Belladonna Elephants were named so because they feed on this dangerous plant without any adverse effects.

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