ID: 22088
Level: 60
HP: 12,667
Defense (DP): 1009
Evasion: 999
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 16
Skill XP: 50
Karma: 5
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
When the Manshaum hunt this bird, they call out "Ferrina! Ferrina!" and thus it was named. As a species, it is called Ferri, and the females of the species are called Ferrina. Compared to the male Ferrica, the Ferrina are smaller and plainly feathered.

Because of their small stature, they are often preyed upon. If you hunt a Ferrina during breeding season, the Ferrica in the area will come attack you. They attack with such ferocity that they could even put a Griffin in mortal danger.

Due to their fierce nature, they are hard to domesticate. However, the Ganelle have managed to build a rapport with them and use them as mounts instead of horses.

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