ID: 22086
Level: 60
<Ancient Weapon>
HP: 931,030
Defense (DP): 617
Evasion: 467
Damage Reduction: 150
XP: 22,299,381
Skill XP: 182,943
Karma: 100
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
– Description:
Little is known about this Ancient Weapon.

Its existence was unveiled by a traveling merchant who had survived Laytenn's desert raid upon his league. The Weapon attacks in a rather crude fashion, using its gigantic body and an axe far more destructive than an Ogre's. The Weapon's lightning attacks can also burn down everything in the vicinity. When night falls in the Great Desert of Valencia, watch out for Ancient Weapons mysteriously wandering around, seemingly in search of something.
- Laytenn
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Anonymous 2-11-2016 03:34

Does not despawn immediately upon daybreak.

Anonymous 13-07-2017 06:24

Here is a video of him. Not me in the video:

I found him once thoug, some months ago, but I gave up. My gear is way better now. I found him on the way between Pilgrims Haven towards Valencia city. Closer valencia city than pilgrim.

Here is some more info about his spawn locations and walking paths that Korea has gathered:


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