ID: 22049
Serendia Bear
Level: 29
HP: 945
Defense (DP): 242
Evasion: 232
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 14,707
Skill XP: 5,526
Karma: 40
Knowledge drop chance: 50.00%

– Description:
Serendia Bear
– Description:
Serendia Bears are as dangerous as they look and have taken countless hikers' lives over the years.
The number of these bears has decreased due to a national culling operation and an increase in skilled adventurers exploring Serendia. Still, they remain a threat to hikers in the deep woods.
Sometimes lost adventurers get injured after encountering Serendia Bears in the mountain.
- Serendia Bear
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Anonymous 22-04-2016 17:53

Seems to be the only bear in serendia, does respawn fairly quickly.

Anonymous 24-04-2016 00:18

Respawns every two minutes


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