ID: 21783
Level: 5

– Description:
A giant monster that roams the Tshira Ruins.
Some records describe it as human with the tail of a snake, and at time, the egg of a Kvariak was classified as a type of dragon egg because it was difficult to distinguish it from that of a dragon.
The Kvariak lay its eggs deep in the swamp due to its tendency to like humid places. Because of this, the egg of a Kvariak is very rare to find.
It's strength is proportional to its gigantic size, and a direct hit from it's tail can be fatal.
The real danger of this monster is its poison, as any surface that the poison touches will melt away. Furthermore, the fumes itself can be lethal, and thus serious caution is required.
Fortunately, there haven't been reports of the monster using petrification.

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