ID: 21344
Level: 57
HP: 54,335
Defense (DP): 746
Evasion: 711
Damage Reduction: 35
XP: 495,693
Skill XP: 82,867
Karma: 24
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
– Description:
Margos is a turtle with tough skin and a rock-hard shell, whose size have been reduced and mouth hardened in order to adapt itself to the desert. It is known to be docile, but once it enrages, it can kill a Miker Newt in a snap.

However, since it does not stay in a flock, it is always outnumbered by Miker Newts and get its habitat taken by them.
- Margos
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Anonymous 9-05-2017 13:37

This mob can be found in the little forest West of Arehaza Town. Most spawn around the little lake north in the forest.

Anonymous 13-07-2017 10:17

White Beams location of 4 Margos wich I had a slow rotation on :P


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