ID: 21224
Level: 58
<Ancient Weapon>
HP: 72,402
Defense (DP): 595
Evasion: 565
Damage Reduction: 30
XP: 4,459,876
Skill XP: 182,943
Karma: 100
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
– Description:
Alten is one of the ancient weapons. It's appearance resembles that of an elephant. Unlike Kalten, Alten holds a giant shield and sword. Some may perceive Alten to be somewhat slow due to its size. However, that's hardly the case. You'll be paralyzed in fear if you see Alten launching an attack together with Kalten.
- Alten
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Anonymous 9-08-2016 07:43

Has anyone seen this mob or is it Valencia Part 2?

Anonymous 14-08-2016 20:44

Don't bother looking until Valencia Part 2.

Anonymous 3-11-2016 17:40

В данный момент в игре отсутствует.

Anonymous 29-01-2017 17:37

Has anyone found this NPC? no location, map or anything.

Alyxzander 30-08-2018 05:40

It's spawned by Kreator. Kreator is an elite, So pets will ping it, despite being in desert. Ive found one spawn. 204/294 DK takes a minute or 2 to kill, charge has a knockdown, but minimal damage is taken. The 2 spawns it summons are also easy and do minimal damage.

MAPKuTAHT 30-08-2018 23:23

Подтверждаю место на скрине выше. Северо-восточнее Целомудрия в ложбинке. Убивается легко и знания даются на Креата и его суммонов Альтена и Кальтена. Одно очко в категории получено, ждем Древнего Атора.


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