ID: 20928
Level: 70
<Sacred Hooves of the Forest>
Knowledge drop chance: 15.00%

– Description:
One day, a long time ago, the sound of hoof-beats rang throughout the sacred forest. The Forest Spirits could not sleep due to the foreign sound. The next day the owner of those hooves revealed himself through the thickets. The Forest Spirits called him "Ronin." When he grew to maturity, Ronin swore to protect the forest in which he grew up. The Forest Spirits were touched by his oath and blew into him the Breath of the Forest. They also granted him the spirit name "Forest Ronaros."

After receiving the power of the spirits, Ronin now looks almost like a god of the forest. The tree leaves that cover his lower body glow mysteriously, and his upper body looks as powerful as he is brave. This half man half beast shows no mercy to intruders, but is said to smell like the Amaryllis flower.

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