ID: 20756
Spectre of Margoria
Level: 59
HP: 217,207
Defense (DP): 525
Evasion: 465
Damage Reduction: 60
Karma: 80
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Anonymous 9-02-2017 15:21

Spawning on your ship after some seconds when the ghostship appears in Margoria (also Ross Sea)
When it starts to get dark you will be stopped and the ship comes out of the water.
The spectre is dropping Gold Ingots 1g, Golden Pearl and Shiny Golden Seal
But only get every 4th one loot.
He sometimes stuck and is not attackable for me.
With more players on your ship there are more spectres but at same spawnlocation (stucked in each other)

Anonymous 7-03-2017 07:29

I got 1 of these from the ghost once -> Sealed Golden Treasure Chest

Anonymous 25-04-2017 23:24

I have also recieved the same item as glarty. Sealed Golden Treasure Chest
This Item also dropped 1 Oberin's Gold Bar

Spielkind 3-08-2018 15:29

This got removed, you can not longer fight vs enemys, only vs the ghostship, you have to shoot 1-2x with a cannon and then it's dead.


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Added by Didinodhe (30-05-2017)

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