ID: 20745
Ruins Stoneback Crab
Level: 55
HP: 31,901
Defense (DP): 607
Evasion: 557
Damage Reduction: 50
XP: 1,486,625
Skill XP: 182,943
Karma: 95
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Ruins Stoneback Crab
– Description:
Stoneback Crab at the Ruins. They are called Stoneback Crabs just because they look similar. It seems like something being controlled rather than a living creature.
- Ruins Stoneback Crab
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Anonymous 10-01-2017 14:57

Took me ages to get the knowledge... stone crabs are definitly annoying as the dont appear on the minimap.

Anonymous 30-01-2017 19:00

That's not true, the do appear on the minimap, they are above ruins.

Anonymous 5-02-2017 20:15

I will think about going back there to check about this, but if i remember correctly they dont appear until you walk on them and they "awake".

Anonymous 17-02-2017 01:20

This is correct, They wont appear on the map untill you attack or touch them (:

Anonymous 5-08-2017 10:53

Can confirm that they DO show on the minimap BEFORE being attacked.

Anonymous 12-11-2017 03:17

No, they only appear on the minimap if they're not buried. If they're buried, they do not show up on the map until you touch or attack them.

Anonymous 13-11-2017 05:17

Incorrect as shown in the picture. You cannot argue against proof.

Anonymous 27-02-2017 04:07

the mobs DO APPEAR without you being near them now, but ONLY for some not all, most of the time I just AOE the place until I see red dots.

make sure you bring axes to gather them for 2x the chances of getting the knowledge

XIIOIV 15-04-2018 00:55

These will not necessarily show up on mini-map, if you can't see them drop aoe on approx location until you get used to seeing them.

Anonymous 26-03-2017 18:04


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