ID: 20564
Mutant Gargoyle
Level: 50
HP: 6,353
Defense (DP): 469
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 20
XP: 966,503
Skill XP: 161,688
Karma: 80
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Mutant Gargoyle
– Description:
This Gargoyle is much larger than ordinary types. It is strong enough to pick up a bull and toy with it before ultimately shredding it to pieces. This strength is the reason why people refer to it as a mutant. Its cold and cruel character makes it an even graver threat. Indeed, it is one of the most dangerous creatures in Calpheon.
- Mutant Gargoyle
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Anonymous 24-04-2016 00:36

Can be found South of Behr. ( Will drop down from the sky once in a while, keep an eye open. )

Anonymous 3-05-2016 01:16

you will find several of them west behind Longleaf tree forest. They generally pop when you attack the pack of baby gargoyles under the trees

Anonymous 4-06-2016 01:14

They are located at bottom south of Bher, at the baby gargoyle camp, there at least 5 there and they start invible (u can only see its name) and as u hit the name they drop down. U don't need to kill any baby gargoyles for it to spawn.

Anonymous 26-12-2016 01:42

The mutant gargoyles are big and muscly and run around on two legs but i think they are bugged because they are all invisible but you can still attack and kill them like normal. They are amongst the tons of baby gargoyles. Look for the nests with eggs in them and use a ground smash or some other AOE attack to disturb the ground and they will show up (two appeared for me and i saw them and they attacked me which was the first time i saw their real form)

Anonymous 10-10-2017 07:57

Not required to get all 5 Energy.


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