ID: 20556
Brown Bear
Level: 50
HP: 9,984
Defense (DP): 459
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 357,964
Skill XP: 161,688
Karma: 80
Knowledge drop chance: 5.00%

– Description:
Brown Bear
– Description:
The Brown Bear of Calpheon is one the most dangerous animals in the area. This huge bear has bright red eyes and is very fierce. It usually hunts other smaller animals, but it has been known to travel into towns to hunt Humans when starving.

Many young men from Calpheon have tried to hunt this feral beast as a trophy and for bragging rights, but none have succeeded thus far.
- Brown Bear
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Anonymous 24-04-2016 00:41

Can be found south - southwest of Longleaf Tree Forest.


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