ID: 20555
Toxic Cave Plant
Level: 45
HP: 934
Defense (DP): 377
Evasion: 367
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 76,614
Skill XP: 21,773
Karma: 60
Knowledge drop chance: 5.00%

– Description:
Toxic Cave Plant
– Description:
A lot of adventurers have lost their lives to this poisonous plant found in damp caves. It is hard to see in the darkness and its poison is almost lethal to touch. Many unseasoned adventurers who travel here consider its antidote the Sunrise Herb to be worth more than water and food.
- Toxic Cave Plant
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Anonymous 30-05-2016 21:25

They're in the Glutoni Cave, right next to Keplan.

Anonymous 24-10-2017 22:16

They are in the Glutoni Cave
1 enterance from each side


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