ID: 20501
Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab
Level: 42
HP: 18,529
Defense (DP): 387
Evasion: 347
Damage Reduction: 40
XP: 210,540
Skill XP: 68,135
Karma: 75
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab
– Description:
This species has provoked a heated debate among Stoneback Crab scholars.
The ongoing controversy is over whether this Herb Stoneback Crab is a kind of Tiny Stoneback Crab or a completely different species entirely.
Herb Stoneback Crabs carry grass on their backs and rarely, herbs.
- Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab
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Anonymous 6-02-2017 12:00

около узла Окрестности Кеплана

Anonymous 20-05-2017 01:18

Herb Stoneback Crab can be found both around and atop Faust Forest mountain. They have the appearance of a pinkish-purple flower bush. If you are gathering knowledge of them, make sure to bring pickaxes since gathering contributes to knowledge gain.


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