ID: 20500
Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab
Level: 46
HP: 20,529
Defense (DP): 439
Evasion: 399
Damage Reduction: 40
XP: 210,540
Skill XP: 68,135
Karma: 75
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab
– Description:
Many Stoneback Crabs of Faust Forest are disguised as stones, but the Bush Stoneback Crab also has a scrub on its stone for additional camouflage.
This has led scholars to the tentative conclusion that Scrub Stoneback Crabs must be more a bit more sensitive than other Stoneback Crabs.
- Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab
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Anonymous 20-05-2017 01:26

Scrub Stoneback Crabs look like bushes, literally. They live both around and atop the Faust Forest mountain (the area shown in the interactive map). I personally found more atop the mountain than around it, so I suggest to climb up and search around. Make sure to bring pickaxes if knowledge is what you seek - since gathering contributes to knowledge gain.


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Added by Zaspelfraz (20-05-2017)
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