ID: 20311
Roaming Black Spirit
Level: 30
HP: 59
Defense (DP): 250
Evasion: 240
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 1,899
Skill XP: 453
Karma: 20
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Roaming Black Spirit
– Description:
A Black Spirit wandering the Bree Tree Ruins.
Roaming Black Spirits who have not possessed a body will attack living creatures with blinding fury.
- Roaming Black Spirit
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Anonymous 28-09-2016 05:58
Anonymous 28-02-2017 22:31

This is the by far stupidest Knowledge to gain. You have to kill black spirits who appear for a span of 1 second, till they suicide. You need to hit them to gain knowledge. See above post for more information and good spots. I as an awakened Warrior went into that cave spamming Left Click + S, "mowing" the whole cave. Every Black Spirit appeared instantly died.

Everytime you hear a specific sound (ghost flying through air kinda thing) hit an aoe attack

Anonymous 23-03-2017 01:37

Stand in location where on minimap it should be, and spam AOE skill. When this mob attack you, there will be vulnerability window in about 0.5 sec and you must to hit it just in time.

Anonymous 20-08-2017 15:17

And you can use the "red ball" on the female wizard who create an aggro for make them appears and attack. It could help.


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