ID: 20210
Calpheon Worm
Level: 36
HP: 431
Defense (DP): 300
Evasion: 290
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 76,614
Skill XP: 21,773
Karma: 60
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Calpheon Worm
– Description:
Calpheon Worms hide underground and ambush passing adventurers.
They are usually found in Northern Calpheon.
- Calpheon Worm
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Anonymous 9-05-2016 17:54

The're in the waragon cave. Had to kill at least 40 of them before I got the knowledge.

Anonymous 30-05-2016 02:20

Only noticed 1 spawn point for these guys...gonna take a while =(

Anonymous 8-06-2016 21:13

I've killed well over a hundred of these things and finally got it when I was about to give up...
I've scouted out the area and found 5 spawns for em. One of them is along a pathway heading into the center with the huge beast. The other 4 are kind of close together in the bigger area with a rock sitting in the middle (along pathways leading into room). Linked a screenshot of the room I'm talking about.

Anonymous 7-08-2017 23:26

Thx man!

Anonymous 16-10-2016 09:30

Remember you can also gain knowledge by gathering from the corpse. Helped me :)

Anonymous 25-01-2017 02:48

hier hab ich das wissen erlangt

Anonymous 28-02-2017 13:44

4 of them are in a line close to each other. Keep killing those Bastards. I spend 3 hours in this wet dark cave killing worms.

Spielkind 18-01-2018 17:45

I did grind there like 2hours and nothing... I hate it T_T....
Will come back later again :/


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