ID: 20194
Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior
Level: 50
HP: 19,060
Defense (DP): 459
Evasion: 449
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 1,356,684
Skill XP: 291,040
Karma: 80
Knowledge drop chance: 1.50%

– Description:
Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior
– Description:
The Elite Warriors of Calpheon Shrine.
Each of them wears the same type of mask, shaped like the head of a cow. On the center of the mask, there is a printed symbol of their shrine. They have a ritualistic custom of re-printing the symbol with the blood of their fallen enemies.
- Calpheon Shrine Elite Warrior

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Added by Spielkind (18-12-2016)

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