ID: 20174
Contaminated Imp Captain
Level: 40
HP: 2,914,245
Defense (DP): 335
Evasion: 300
Damage Reduction: 35
XP: 4,675,800
Skill XP: 1,572,624
Karma: 65
Knowledge drop chance: 10.00%

– Description:
Contaminated Imp Captain
– Description:
This evil clone of Red Nose the Imp Captain was born when the Immortal Alchemist bestowed power upon the captain and is slightly stronger than Red Nose himself.

The business of Imp raids on Velia and the traveling wagons has nothing to do with Red Nose. Rather, it is all being done by order of his evil twin, the Contaminated Imp Captain. Local residents still think it is all Red Nose's fault because they still haven't seen the Contaminated Imp Captain at work.
- Contaminated Imp Captain

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