ID: 20121
Skeleton Warrior
Level: 53
HP: 10,160
Defense (DP): 463
Evasion: 453
Damage Reduction: 10
XP: 1,188,660
Skill XP: 174,127
Karma: 90
Knowledge drop chance: 2.50%

– Description:
Stories of skeletons rising from the grave and roaming around are commonly told among the children of Calpheon.

With these stories getting out of control, the High Priest was forced to announce that such skeletons do not exist. Most people were relieved and forgot about the legend.

However, children are still attracted to a tale told by elders on the streets of Calpheon:

"A long time ago, after a fierce war, many of the soldiers killed were laid to rest where Calpheon Castle now stands. With the passage of time these graves were forgotten about and Calpheon Castle was built right on top of their graves."

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Added by Ragnaboy (4-01-2017)

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