ID: 19012
Handcrafted Serendia Adventure Bookshelf
Level: 1
HP: 100
Defense (DP): 1
Evasion: 1
Usage interval: 1h

– Description:
A bookshelf that can be Produced in a house. A place to display books.
Gives random knowledge or item from the list on each use.
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suemccartin 13-08-2018 06:09

So where is this item obtained? Is this made in a shop?

Kiriak 13-08-2018 10:38

I've checked the client files and didn't found any links to it. Looks like it justs exists in the client, but unused.

suemccartin 13-08-2018 18:20

Ack very annoying. There are entries in the knowledge that say you need to build certain pieces of "handcrafted" furniture but there does not seem to be a way to make these things other than a shop and there is no credit for shop made apparently. Oh well was hoping this was a way to get to the jordine summoning quest that I can't seem to get to trigger.


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