ID: 820908
Truffle Mushroom Hypha
KR name: 송로 버섯 균사
icon Installable Object
Weight: 0.01 LT
Warehouse Capacity: 0.10 VT

Bound when obtained
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Description:
The hypha of a Truffle Mushroom, an Alchemy ingredient which can be grown by Farming. You can begin Farming after using a Fence to create a garden. Note that this plant will take up 10 grids in a garden.

- How to Obtain: Simple Alchemy

- Ingredients:
Unknown Seed x1
Truffle Mushroom x1

※ You can obtain Unknown Seeds from Alchemy according to a set probability.

(Press RMB to locate the nearest Fence rental NPC)
Truffle Mushroom Hypha can grow into Truffle Mushrooms, which can be used for Cooking, Processing and Alchemy. Crops can be grown in a garden made with fencing.
- Truffle Mushroom Hypha
- Truffle Mushroom Crop

In-game market price:
NA: 18,700,000In Stock: 0
EU: 18,700,000In Stock: 0
NA Console: 18,700,000In Stock: 0
EU Console: 18,100,000In Stock: 0

Buy price: 5,000,000coin
Sell price: 500,000
Repair price: -
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Pohjantikka 12-12-2023 03:06
These can no be obtained by combining Unknown Seed with Truffle Mushroom.
Unknown Seed can be obtained with very low chance byproduct in Alchemy.

In EU Truffle Mushroom Hypha cost 18.7mil silver in Market Place.
Farming one in player fence will give in average of 62 Truffle Mushrooms (I harvested 10 Hyphas to get numbers).
Truffle Mushroom market value is 187k/pc, so Hypha cost about 100 mushrooms.

Manual gathering will be much easier and faster than wasting 10 grid farm fences for this farming, specially when Hypha cannot be breed.

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