ID: 768072
GM's Care 1
KR name: GM의 사랑 1
icon Special Items
Weight: 0.10 LT
Warehouse Capacity: 0.30 VT

Bound when obtained
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Description:
A gift of care for the Adventurer from Black Desert's [GM].

Press RMB to obtain Value Pack (1 Day) and GM's Grace (3 Hours) buff effects will instantly be applied.

- GM's Grace Buff Effects:
Energy Recovery +1
Item Drop Rate +10%
Combat/Skill/Life EXP +10%
Knowledge Gain Chance +10%
Movement Speed +1
Luck +1

- Duration: 180 min

※ Example of Increased Item Drop Rate Effect
When Item Drop Rate +20% is added to an item with a drop rate of 1%, an additional 0.2% is added, increasing the overall drop rate to 1.2%.
You'll get Value Pack (1 day), GM's Grace (3 Hours) buffs from the gift.

Buy price: -
Sell price: -
Repair price: -

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ID   Title Level CLASS GRADE
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