ID: 757274
[Elvia] Syca's Frigid Scale
KR name: [엘비아] 시카의 차가운 비늘
icon General
Weight: 0.10 LT

- Bound when obtained (Character)
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Description:
An icy-cold scale wrapped around the heart of the Ancient Weapon in the Atoraxxion: Sycrakea biome. Archaeologists speculate that the it was the architect and not the invaders that wrapped it with the scale in order to make the Ancient Weapon's power source freeze and break down.

- Crafting Method: Processing (L) - Simple Alchemy

- Usage #1: Craft [Elvia] Yolun Piece of Envy

- Crafting Materials:
[Elvia] Egg of an Arid Epoch x2
[Elvia] Syca's Frigid Scale x4

- Usage #2: Craft [Elvia] Yolun Piece of Cruelty

- Crafting Materials:
[Elvia] Egg of a Fearful Epoch x2
[Elvia] Syca's Frigid Scale x4

※ Leaving Syca's Paradise, which you can reach via Syca's Cradle, will cause this item to vanish.

※ All party members must have [Elvia] Corrupt Yolun Dagger to move to Syca's Cradle. You can obtain [Elvia] Corrupt Yolun Dagger with [Elvia] Yolun Piece of Envy, which you will need [Elvia] Syca's Frigid Scale and [Elvia] Egg of an Arid Epoch to craft, along with [Elvia] Yolun Piece of Cruelty, [Elvia] Syca's Dried Tentacle, [Elvia] Syca's Burning Tentacle, [Elvia] Syca's Contorted Tentacle, and [Elvia] Yolun Dagger.

- How to Obtain: [Elvia] Sycrakea
Buy price: -
Sell price: -
Repair price: -
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