ID: 757220
Bloodstorm Nouver's Split Horn
KR name: 피바람을 두른 누베르의 갈라진 뿔
icon General
Weight: 2.00 LT

Bound when obtained
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Description:
A horn which broke off from Bloodstorm Nouver's head. A long-time researcher of dragons is reported to be collecting anything and everything related to dragons, particularly pertaining to Nouver, in the capital city of Valencia. She claims that Nouver's horns will continue to regenerate if they're not removed properly. If you take this split horn to Tyrant's Hill and show it to Lonely Galieva, he may have some relevant story to tell.
Buy price: 300,000
Sell price: 300,000
Repair price: -
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