ID: 757118
Pilgrim's Cracked Stone
KR name: 금이 간 순례자의 돌
icon General
Weight: 0.20 LT

- Bound when obtained (Family)
- Personal transaction unavailable
- Description:
A cracked stone obtained from drilling. It's a desert rarity. Pilgrims started to call it the Pilgrim's Stone because they thought of it as a sacred object that reflects light with blinding intensity.

- Usage: Obtain Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1, Hard Black Crystal Shard x2, or Mass of Pure Magic x1

- Crafting Method: Processing (L) - Grinding

- Crafting Materials:
Pilgrim's Cracked Stone x1

- How to Obtain: Guild Drill
Buy price: 5,000,000
Sell price: -
Repair price: -
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