ID: 750285
[Event] Sky Blue Lollipop
KR name: [이벤트] 하늘 사탕
icon General
Weight: 0.30 LT

Bound when obtained
– Description:
Sweet and delicious top-quality lollipop that makes your tongue turn blue.
Go to the Nearby NPC window and select "Cooking" to be directed to the NPC with whom you can exchange this item for boxes with Cron Stones. There are exchange NPCs in: Calpheon City, Heidel, Velia, Grána, Duvencrune, Altinova, and Valencia City.

Exchange 10: [Event] Cron Stone Box I x1
Exchange 20: [Event] Cron Stone Box II x1
Exchange 30: [Event] Cron Stone Box III x1
(Press RMB for detailed location)
Buy price: 100,000
Sell price: 10,000

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ID   Title Quantity Price NPC Conditions
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