ID: 608884
[Drakania] Secrua Classic Set
KR name: [드라카니아] 시크루아 무기, 의상 클래식 세트
icon Special Items
Weight: 1.00 LT
Warehouse Capacity: 0.00 VT

Bound when obtained
- Personal transaction unavailable
Game shop item
Secrua, just and passionate daughter of the sun. With the divine power of that celestial body radiating from her golden hands, the brave warriors who fought in her stead knew naught but dazzling glory.
"Lead forth the Legion of the Sun so that the world's splendors may ever shine.
And rest not until the Black Sun of Hadum, harbinger of all that is ash and ruin, is righteously struck from the sky."

Contains a helmet, armor, gloves, shoes, and main/sub-weapons that change the appearance of your character.

- Outfit Slot Equip Effect (4 Parts)
Combat EXP +10%

- Outfit Slot Equip Effect (6 Parts)
Skill EXP +10%

- Outfit Slot Equip Effect (8 Parts)
Death Penalty and Gear Durability Consumption Resistance +10%

※ Wearing the Secrua Gloves with other outfits may change its appearance.

※ Wearing the Secrua Shoes with other outfits may make the shoes shorter.

You'll get [Drakania] Secrua Helmet, [Drakania] Secrua Armor, [Drakania] Secrua Gloves, [Drakania] Secrua Shoes, [Drakania] Secrua Slayer, [Drakania] Secrua Shard from the box.


Buy price: -
Sell price: -
Repair price: -

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