ID: 607977
[Nova] Blood Countess Premium Set
KR name: [노바] 에르제베타 무기, 의상 프리미엄 세트
icon Special Items
Weight: 1.00 LT
Warehouse Capacity: 0.00 VT

Bound when obtained
- Personal transaction unavailable
Game shop item
Contains helmet, armor, shoes, gloves, and main/sub/Awakening weapons that change the appearance of your character.

- Outfit Slot Equip Effect (4 Parts)
Combat EXP +10%

- Outfit Slot Equip Effect (6 Parts)
Skill EXP +10%

- Outfit Slot Equip Effect (8 Parts)
Death Penalty and Gear Durability Consumption Resistance +10%

※ Wearing this helmet may make accessories invisible. Toggle on the Hide Head Gear feature to display them properly.

※ Wearing the Blood Countess Armor grants a special idle animation where you wish upon a morning star.

You'll get [Nova] Blood Countess Helmet, [Nova] Blood Countess Armor, [Nova] Blood Countess Gloves, [Nova] Blood Countess Shoes, [Nova] Blood Countess Sting, [Nova] Blood Countess Morning Star, [Nova] Blood Countess Quoratum from the box.


Buy price: -
Sell price: -
Repair price: -

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